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14 Reasons Why St Geo Stays Better Than Somerset

Categories // Cup Match

14 Reasons Why St Geo Stays Better Than Somerset

1.  We were hurr first. Period

2. We have had de Cup more timescups 

3. We have de airport so.... 

4. Foggo, Bascomes, Lambe, Pitcher, Fox, Cann - you know wur tha from

5. De Chants are better, “East is de Beast, West is de-pressed”

6. When you mix blue and blue you still have blue mix red and blue you have purple


7. STGCC is gurt BIG and easier to move around than SCC (u can’t argue wif physics)

IMG 0578
8. Wha is Somerset actually? It ain't a parish., Somerset ankeen a City or Town, jus a moldy old “Village”

9. We have this boasty house

10. We have this bredrin

11. We have Shoshanna.

12. We don’t have to worry about finding a spot to flex at Fort St Catherine, Tobacco Bay or Clearwater, unlike Horseshoe.


13. And we have 3 beach restaurants at 3 different beaches

Bermuda beach photos 13
14. It’s Called God’s Country for a reason

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