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Bermuda Idol 2016

Categories // Entertainment

Bermuda Idol 2016

Ay buh


If you didn't get to check de biggest singin competition of de yurr, you aink alone....IT WAS SOLD OUT!


Luckily we made it and had a great night out from de time we touched de red-carpet entrance. 


So this is how it played out...14 artists competed shru de first roun for a chance to advance to de final 5.  Then de top 5 had to duke it out to decide de winner.  Competition was serious too bah wiff lots of signs, airhorns, and standing ovations.


In de end, Jesse Seymour stole de show and was crowned de 2016 Bermuda Idol winner.  Mind you, dat bye Emmanual Humphrey who came runner up and Angelis Hunt (placed 3rd) gave Jesse a run.


Actually, all de contestants wurr impressive so at de end of de day they should all be proud...cuz we sure was!   Vell done you lot and congrats to Jesse. 


View de contestants below.

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Watch Qianemon's Interview wiff Bermuda Idol 2016 Winner Jesse Seymour