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Bermuda now has its own Snapchat filter

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Bermuda now has its own Snapchat  filter

Ay Buh!

New dings agwan in Bermuda Interverse... We know some of de older heads probably won’t understand this article or even Snapchat, but after this week’s discovery, you may want to join in de #snaps game..
So yah after a long night working on Bermemes tings, I woke up to a whatsapp from de ace @_nsoleil like, “Ay, you seen e Bermy filter on snapchat?” Nah lemme tell you lot, she an keen 8am but guys ready to promote bermy, so all booger eyed and musty, I pull up Snapchat and bang.... Bermuda has its own Geofilter FROM SNAPCHAT!

If this is de trial t see if Bermuda gets a snapchat story, it’s really the time and season to show the Best of Bermy OUR WAY!

Sidenote: if you down for de cause, you can create your own Bermudian Geofilter to submit to Snapchat here