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De Good Life Wif Collie Buddz, Ah Interview

Categories // Entertainment

De Good Life Wif Collie Buddz, Ah Interview

Aye bah!

Finally de new album come around - and like dey say, she's not about de quantity but de quality aye! 

Very few people from de rock can say they've performed global and afta ten years since his last drop Collie Buddz  def felt de time was right.  From de original self entitled album and a few EPs along de way, we know his well versatile wiff his style, flow and stage charisma. Good Life breaks the mold wif ten new songs while keeping to his original foundation which is reggae..

A proud ambassador of Bermy and no matter where he performs our flag always appears somewhere in de crowd. WE guys got lucky to catch him as his got a busy schedule ahead performin this summer from de Tall Ships to America's Cup,,, Wha just glad guys got to flex, catch up and reflect on de last 10 yurrs while getting a lil a glimpse of de Good Life and beyond!

Check de interview

De Good Life Wif Collie Buddz

Ay buh! Wha known Collie Buddz fa ah while naw. Take a look at the 'Good Life' of Buddz while we sip a lil bit of black rahn Goslings Rum. Look out for his Good Life album dropping 2ma pon iTunes!

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Thursday, May 18, 2017

And dun'een forget to download de Good Life on Itunes