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DemBiez Release 'Could Have Loved' Music Video

Categories // Entertainment

DemBiez Release 'Could Have Loved' Music Video

Ay buh

Seems like a lot of local artists are emerging and wha loving de way they engage us to see how they work and tell us what inspires sem.

We linked up wif Dem biez dis time to see the making of Ty Wilson's “Could Have Loved” which itself was pretty boasty. Not just because it featured our very own Qianemon, but just de amount of creativity bouncing off ideas to de the final concept.

Anyway we asked Qianemon about de feeling, hurrs his reply:

"I had seen a lot of stuff that DemBiez had produced and was really impressed. So I was happy when they reached out to me to jump on this track. We linked up on a Saturday afternoon, talked for about 5 minutes about the song concept and creative direction. When they played what they had so far, it was my first time hearing it but connected immediately. The session was completed in about an hour. They were really cool to work with and I have an appreciation for the fact that they do everything in-house; from the audio production to the video shoots."

Check our behind the scenes in-studio video 

Ty Wilson 'Could Have Loved' official music video

Ty Wilson - "Could Have Loved" (Bermuda)

Artist: Ty Wilson Song: Could Have Loved Music Producers: DemBiezMusicGroup Video Shot & Edited: DemBiezMusicGroup Are you a singer/rapper/spoken word artist? Like what you see? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our price list! Studio Engineering/Mixing/Recording Videography/Radio Commercials/Tv Commercials

Posted by Dembiez on Tuesday, March 8, 2016