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EXCLUSIVE: Closed Session Wif Bermudian America's Cup Band 4-Forty-1

Categories // Americas Cup

EXCLUSIVE: Closed Session Wif Bermudian America's Cup Band 4-Forty-1

Ay buh!

Lass week we lot got to honour wif a rare few to hear Bermuda’s America's Cup band 4-Forty-1 inna closed sesh preview. Nawh, wha gon be honest, we went shru de closed session expecting to hurr a band that was still fresh in its roots since the auditions and so and so, which is probably most mindsets. Fortunately, and to our surprise, the band sounded like they’ve been together for a few yurrs; each a master of their craft but de beauty was def in de united masterpiece.

Directed under de wings of Robert Edwards who is also a keyboardist, de versatility, melody and chemistry of deband seems to appear in it’s own dynamic which also at de same time reveals their natural musical characteristics. From Jesse’s soulful presence, Washington’s percussion, Torrey’s bass line and Francis keys all measured to match Raven’s harmony.. If wha we saw was just a preview… we biez definitely can’t wait to see their debut, front row…

Check dem out

4-Forty-1 Sneak Peek

Ay buh guys got ah sneak peek lissen to de America's Cup band 4-Forty-1 Wha gon give ah lil sample sound byte too. America's Cup Bermuda America's Cup

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017