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Kickin it wif Rev Run in Bermuda

Categories // Entertainment

Kickin it wif Rev Run in Bermuda

Ay buh!

First of all...


Now being that dat dea is outta de system, oh my durr, guys got to talk wif the Rev himself in Bermy, hashtag Cray!   After being invited to de BTA Media set that saw all or most reps from foreign networks on the island for de AC have a chance or break away to relax a lil. Hosted by Ham P wif nuff drinks on deck from Gosing's de vibe was nice and to see the lengendary Rev Run in Bermy was icing on de cake.

Check de vibes buh! 

Rev Run Live in Bermuda [Full Vid]

Aye buh, you lot got a lil tease Satdee so hurr's de vibes from de Rev Run set rahn Hamilton Princess, Bermuda! Bermuda Tourism

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Monday, June 5, 2017