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Kidd Clazzic drops music video Problems

Categories // Entertainment

Kidd Clazzic drops music video Problems

Ay buh!

So ya, we lot been watching de Kidd for awhile now, and really feeling the groove aceboy is in. Since the new year the Kidd been dropping a video arry Fridee - and nah not no 1.2mil production - just a little product to give light to his product, flow and traction, and gotta say, it’s gaining.

You may not have heard of Kidd Clazzzic just of yet,  and if you have seen him around 24 station working his other hustle, the new school, sightly trendy rapper’s look may throw you off at first glance, but the Kidd got rhymes. Wif de consistency level his grinding on, wha sure whatever level his aiming for it’ gonna be lit. We finally got to see ya boy live in action at last weeks Bermy Cypher wif other Bermudian hip hop heads and between him and the vets, words became flame mate!   

Anyway we called up ya boy for something slight about de vid, wanting to see wha’s next for him, and right now, he’s jut letting us know “it’s basically about me and my homies.”

Check de vid!