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Old School Bermuda Photos

Categories // Community & kulcha

by @Terri2Kool Old School Bermuda Photos

Ay buh!
Last year when we lot help launch de #LoveMyBermuda campaign wif BTA and it was important for us to share with fellow Bermudians what WE love about Bermy’s kulcha.

The response to that campaign was wicked bah, and whether you were on de rock or abroad, you lot showed your pride in Bermuda from the images, video, and comments you shared with us.

We will be the first to admit and claim that Bermuda is truly another world and despite what negativity is going on in the world around you, we hope you lot continue to share your love for Bermuda with the world.

We wanted to bring back the #Bermunity campaign as we reflection on de fact that Bermuda today is nothing like how she was some 50+ years ago! We lot were able to dig into de archives and found 21 notable shots of the island that we wanted to share wif you guyz as we gear up for Heritage month and Bermuda Day this year!

1. Bird Cage

Bird Cage Front Street
2. East Broadway

East Broadway

3. Front Street (in the 1930s)

Front Street Late 1930s

4. Kindley Field in 1962

Kindley Field Civil Terminal Oct. 1962 1 of 4

5. Middle Road (near Store Hill)

Middle Road Near Store Hill
6. Number 1 Shed

Number One Shed
7. Pitts Bay Road

Pitts Bay Road
8. Queen Street

Queen Street
9. Reid Street

Reid Street
10. Wilkinson Avenue

Wilkinson Avenue
11. Shelly Bay Racetrack

Shelly Bay Racetrack
12. Sinky Bay

Sinky Bay
13. De Train

The Train

14. Ord Road

Ord Road
15. De Bus Terminal in de 40s

Old Bus Terminal.40s
16. Hamilton Princess

Hamilton Princees Hotel
17. Hamilton Hotel

Hamilton Hotel
18. Front Street in de 50s

Front Street Mid 1950s
19. Flatts Village

Flatts Viewed from a Seaplane
20. Foot of the Lane

Foot of the Lane
21. Bermudiana Hotel Fire

Hotel Bermudiana Fire Sept. 4th 1958
We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane wif us! Got old school photos of Bermy? Share them wif us on social media! Use the hashtags #Bermunity and #BermyKulcha. Guyz gotta get those two hashtags trending and show the world why Bermuda is so much more than de triangle and all those other dingz guys continue associate us wif.