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Summa in bermy is about de Simple Dings

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Summa in bermy is about de Simple Dings

So let's be honest... times in Bermy have changed. You have youts whatsapping, snapping, tweeting, ipoding and de olda lot being pokey on facebook - things are different. Errwun eeda in their phone missing de beautiful landscape around dem or ran up their data and actually enjoying de breeze flexing up durr boys yard.

I came acros something on my facebook and it automatically made me smile. It wasnt a big Buzzfeed article, anything political, or someones dirty laundry but a simple pic my friend posted.

And lemme tell you she brought back dem old feelings. im  young but still still - The feelings im tryna talk about is de feeling of tryna find someones garbage can or someone's plastic chair or even tryna be creative with a few limestone rocks and a piece of board for a makeshift wicket. Ya bredrin sees everyone setting up and dashes inside for his black taped tennis ball he had and you simply just got de whole neighbourhood outside to play a lil tip 2 go cricket.


Girls, boys, even your uncle or older cousin got in a few runs while younger youts rode their boasty pink bikes around. Everyone was just outside, time meant nothing and the game stopped either when someones moms called everyone for dinner or she wasn't any sunlight left to play in.


Thank you Ciera La-che for sharing this wif us and I hope it brings a few memories for you biez.