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Summer Prep Feelings

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Summer Prep Feelings

Ahhh Summer...

De smell of salt water, bbq, and tourist's sunblock hittin your nostrils while de sounds of well tuned bikes racing up and dahn de roads. School is ou... and Bermudians in school in foreign flock back for that first family greeze theyve been missing. But, what is de official sign of summer? is it the  togetherness and antics of May 24th? The sounds and smells of loaded pink and blue buses full of tourist and no AC? yes, we know you've experienced it- we all have don. we all have...

Summer to us is seeing your mate pull out de trusted machinery that he's used year aftah year, leaving it sitting on top of recently bought cases of rum... But what's a Bermudians summer without Swizle prep? What's a summer without a batch that you've been hiding for a year, stashed and waiting to pop open and the first summer flex? We all know de feeling. We all know we on't just craft 2 bottles worth, and even more we know de satisfaction when ya mates start hittin de cell tryna link you for their first bottle of Swizzle thi season.... and if you do know de feeling, it feels and looks like this