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The Clayhouse Inn: Frozen Music Short Film

Categories // Memes

by Method Media The Clayhouse Inn: Frozen Music Short Film

Ay buh


We have all heard de stories of Clayhouse Inn. We've heard ya uncles, ousis, Deddies and even Aunts share how Clayhouse used to be de BEST place for a session back in de day! Guz came across thi video and just had to share from Method Media.


Copied from Method Media

"The old Clayhouse Inn in Bermuda is a legendary music venue that was at the centre of Bermuda's tourism heyday. It hosted performers of all disciplines but it closed around the turn of this century and never re-opened. I wasn't old enough to go there and see bands but I did get to experience the DJ era at the venue a couple of times. I bet if those weathered and grimy walls could talk they'd tell a bunch of stories of all the celebrities and would-be celebrities that passed through. You can hear the music echoing throughout the room when you walk around. In recent years it has suffered severe storm damage and is up for re-development. 
This is tribute to the performers who graced the small stage over the years.

BTW: anyone thinking to go in there should be warned not to unless you know what you are doing or have permission from the family. It's not a safe building."